Restoration Services

Restoration Services

The decision to make an investment in a restoration is a big one. 

The bigger obstacle is finding the right contractor who will get the job done right while taking care to consider the historical, spiritual, and functional significance of the project. With Hunter Painting, you don’t have to worry about that. That’s what we do.  That’s what we enjoy doing. 

Our goal with every restoration is to enhance and preserve the integrity of your institution. We approach each project with a "Professional Master Plan" where we furnish a complete itemized quote for every aspect of the job. Together with the church board members, our designers and craftsmen, we determine design, expectations, and finishes. Our primary concern is to respect the history and architecture of the church and seamlessly integrate all elements into the final product.

The increased benefits of green building from tax incentives to environmental responsibility to conservation and safety are taken into account with all of our projects. From using low- to zero-VOC finishes and NSF certified products when available combined with best practice methods from the Green Building Council, your restoration not only will reflect the beauty and integrity of the original structure but will also assure the long-term health and safety of all that enjoy it.

This approach combined with our heightened attention to detail has produced some pretty fantastic results. Take a look for yourself, view our gallery here.