Restoration Services


It’s the attention to detail that makes a piece of art go from ho-hum to WOW! 

Remember the days as a kid where you would pass the time during sermons staring at the tiny little details on the walls or beams trying to figure out how somebody could paint something so intricate? What kind of artist had the patience to do that? We do. 

Our craftsmen have mastered many fine art techniques including:

  • Hand-stamped stencils and symbols
  • Oil murals
  • Historically accurate statue restoration
  • Gold leaf application
  • Decorative painting and woodgraining
  • Roman gold and faux finishes

We offer complete restoration and redecoration of statues, Stations of the Cross, ornate alters and architectural moldings. Using traditional methods, all statues and Stations are completely restored by hand right down to the 24 karat gold leaf trim. And, the work can be done onsite or in our studio (if removal and reinstallation is possible.)

We can also repair, clean, and re-glaze murals on plaster walls and ceilings as well as canvas. Sometimes it may be hard to imagine how enhancing or cleaning up the little things can produce the biggest effects.  Here are some examples of our attention to the "little things."