Restoration Services

Architectural Design

Creating things from hand is becoming a lost art. However, so many of the architectural details in your church were probably created by craftsmen whose specialized expertise was passed down from generation to generation.

Repairing, restoring, or even re-creating some of these details requires someone who knows and appreciates the techniques and methods of the craft. That’s where it gets fun for us. Our skilled artisans take pride in working on every facet of architectural detail.

Our services include:

  • Repair of plaster ornaments and moldings
  • Patching plaster and gypsum walls, and ceilings
  • Wood graining painted wood, such as window sills, doors, frames, wainscoting, baseboards, and altars to match your existing finished woodwork
  • Complete repair, cleaning and refinishing of existing woodwork including furniture, and pews
  • Custom designed millwork for baseboards, moldings, pews cabinets, sanctuary, and chancel furniture